Where it all began....

Let's start from the beginning. I was helping my friend who happened to be the leader of a Bible study in Orange County at a hair salon. That's right, a Bible study in a hair salon!  Priscilla heard about the study and decided to check it out. On her first visit, I walked over to introduce myself. Week by week, we would hang out and talk after. Within a short couple of weeks it was like we had always been friends.  It turns out, the same girl that told her about the Bible study was also a senior make up artist and trainer from M.A.C. down in San Diego. We knew that she ran a school called Makeup City which had certification courses for aspiring artists. We both have always had a passion for doing make up so we enrolled in the certification class together. When we finished up with the classes, we knew that we wanted to put our certifications to good use doing something we truly loved to do. After racking our brains and much discussion, we decided to team up and start a business.....Beautified Artistry was officially born!

Our goal for Beautified Artistry is to remind women that make up is just another accessory. That true beauty is already inside of you and the purpose of makeup is to bring out the natural beauty in every woman.  

~Sonia G.