I Love That I Am. . .


This Valentine's Day we wanted to something a little different. V-Day is all about showing your love for others, which is amazing and highly encouraged. However, we at Beautified Artistry felt lead to encourage Self-Love as well. We hand picked four women in the modeling & acting industry to be a part of our shoot. Each woman was given a heart with the words 'I Love That I Am...' written  on it. We asked each of them to write one word to describe what they loved about themselves. While Sonia and I were applying makeup to these beautiful ladies there was something interesting that occurred as they pondered over our request.  They all seemed perplexed and undecided on what word to choose to compliment themselves. 

The vision we had for this photo shoot was to create a platform for women to express their individuality.  It is easy for us to see and appreciate the qualities in others, but when asked to look within ourselves...... we are often speechless. This belief was evident during the preparation of this shoot. After giving them the task to choose a word, the struggle was real. Their reaction was surprising considering they were all stunning, intelligent, funny, courageous, beautiful, and strong women in their own way. Then while listening to them all exchange ideas, I thought to myself what word would I have chosen if someone had asked me to do the same. I found myself at a loss for words. Even in this moment of writing this blog, I am still undecided. 

In the end, each woman discovered something about themselves and each other that they never stopped to think about before. We as women struggle to see the beauty in ourselves, even though we are all remarkably different in our own special way.  Latianna, Jasmine, Katie, & Chyna were styled and beautified to specifically  express the word they chose.... Who do you relate to most? Which word would you choose to best describe what you LOVE about yourself?


Latianna loves that she is Resilient. Sonia used a Smokey Purple shadow for her eyes. Using this deep purple brings attention to her big beautiful brown eyes. Her look was topped off with a bold red lip color from Make Up Forever.


Jasmine loves that she is Unique. Her makeup look was created by Sonia. She choose to go with a classic look with black winged eyeliner and berry red lips. She has a fierce personality to be able to rock this makeup style!


Katie loves that she is Brave. This look was created to have both a soft and eye-catching effect. Priscilla used a soft shimmer cream shadow combined with a brown shadow from Beauty Creations Cosmetics. Finished off with a strong purple lip from Make Up Forever.


Chyna loves that she is Free Spirited. 'Pretty in Pink' best describes this makeup look created by Priscilla. She used a dainty pink shimmer and a rose pink shadow on the lids. A fine winged liner was added to brighten the eyes. The Balm Cosmetics' highlighter was the finishing touch to her radiant cheek bones.


Sonia & Priscilla